Sunday, April 3, 2011

In the poem to sleep her loneliness slowly overtakes her throughout the lines of the poem and her battle with self seems to let outside forces win. The battle in this poem is between lonliness and life, liberty and love. Throughout the poem you see constant opposition that shows this battle. The oppositions begin when sleep in dome way is used as a metaphor for death. The oppositions are sleep vs. waking. This really shows what are the joys of both and the consequences of both at the same time. In a certain sense life is great when you are a wake but, you also see that being awake can have its negative drawbacks as well. The other opposition is death vs life. This still comes across as they compare sleep to waking since in a sense they are the constrating views. The volta in this poem to me is addresses when it goes from talking about sleep in such a light tone to the heavy tone of how not being able to sleep is so negative. This even shows throught the opposition of the sounds throughout the poem. They start off very airy sounds and then the poems choice oof words change into being very hard sounds when spoken. At the first part of the poem during the quatrains it seems that the author is saying nice things about being awake. The poem takes a sarcasric feel once you read the couplet. It makes the author seem like they said yeah sleep is nice but, I can't get any. So thiss poem shows how the opposition is so strong. She doesn't come out and just say I need sleep but uses a sarcastic voice throught the couplet to emphasize it. Then she uses the phrase " to calm the anxious breast; to close the streaming eye" to show how strong her need to sleep was. SHe even notes that with "opiate aid" she still doesn't sleep or the fact she wishes for exhaustion like a peasant just so she can sleep". Her need to sleep over takes her and the 3L's seem to lose their battle to the loneliness that is directly correlated with sleep!

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