Thursday, February 10, 2011

Since There's No Help

Michael Drayton's sonnet "Since There's No Help" which describes the uncertainty that he is feeling when he is trying to end a relationship. The whole poem has a bitter sweet type tone. The first part shows that the author is trying to conceal his true feelings and prove to his self that he is glad that the relationship is ending when he doesn't actually believe that. After a while he finally surrenders to the true feelings that he is experiencing. The fact that he wants his lover to show him some kind of affection. In this poem it shows how powerless he becomes to his lover and has fell so deep into his emotions. This poem turns into a surrender to love and begging for the love that he feels to continue. He wants his lover to save him by showing a slight bit of affection. The pride that the author has at the beginning of the poem slowly fades away. The author really uses implication in the poem because he puts so much information and feeling into one line. He leaves you waiting for the next line so that you can be absorbed into what he feels. The language he uses is very specific because he picks words carefully to add drama to his points. He says a lot about what he feels through his words. The experience in the sonnet talks about anger and bitterness of losing his lover.The author talks about never seeing this lover again but can't convince his self.The author says that since there is no help, let him and his beloved "kiss and part". He is so bitter and can't truly let go. But there is a clue that the speaker doesn't mean parting forever. He seriously doesn't want to leave because he wants to kiss and part which is showing that it can't be the true ending of an argument. The author then tells his lover to "shake hands and cancel all the love promises they had". But then he quickly adds " until we meet again". So if he was truly parting from her he wouldn't think that he would ever have an encounter with her again. Later in the poem the author uses a lot of allegories to emphasize his meanings. So in the his actually life of this man he presents a dying image but in another sense it shows the fact that love is dying between him and his lover. The author talks about his pulse slowing down, closed eyes, and his last breath to create an image in the readers mind.In the last part everyone sees death coming but when he shakes hand with his lover he is thinking that the slight expression of love can revive his life and ultimately his love. I think the poem starts off in denial and goes to knowing that his love is dying so it is shaped like a road opening up.

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